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where are you located // do you travel?

I'm located in San Diego and I absolutely travel. I charge $.60 per mile outside of San Diego County. I also travel out of the state! Travel fees vary based on flights and lodging, but I'd love to make your visions happen. Ask me about your ideas.

how many images do you deliver?

I love to give back as many bomb images as I can to build out your gallery! It can be 30-100 images per hour of shooting depending on the type of the shoot. I don't deliver RAW images, editing is part of what I do! Choosing me as your photographer is choosing my process! Picking which images tell the best story is part of the process and I make sure that the best ones are included in your gallery.

camera nervs, what do we do?

Make a date out of the shoot!  We'll play some music and get into it! Highly recommend incorporating things significant to your relationship or to you, and we can absolutely incorporate activities to help get those nervs out too. Rule of thumb, the pics LOOK better than they feel, I got you. 

can you *edit* us?

Here's the thing! I do not edit bodies. I will absolutely get rid of blemishes and temporary things that distract from the image. Photos are an opportunity to intentionally capture the moment, and how you are in that moment is something that deserves to be embraced. Ask me about ways to fully embrace you! 

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Based in: San Diego, California

Travel welcomed !

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